Healthy Eating vs. Eating to Lose Weight

Is eating healthy and eating to lose weight the same?

It often happens that we say, I’m eating very healthy but I don’t see results and it’s not the same eating healthy as eating to lose weight. You can eat very healthy and gain weight, or you can eat very poorly and lose weight.

If you used to eat poorly or not at all healthy and now you are eating well, congratulations because you have already taken the first step and your body is going to notice it at first and it is very likely that you notice the change but there will come a time when you will become stagnant and stabilized, because as I tell you, it is not the same eating healthy as eating to lose weight and there are foods that are really healthy but have many calories and fatten us up, such as of your metabolism, your gender and whether you’re male or female.

For example, in the case of men, they usually need more carbohydrates than women, and how it will not also depend on your goal. It’s not the same if you want to lower your fat, increase your muscle mass or maintain yourself? that’s why it’s so important to know what you want to achieve with your body and why, since the distribution of macronutrients will depend to a large extent on that.

But as everything in balance is the key.

You can eat anything but with intelligence and in an orderly and organized manner. It’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about adjusting and eating wisely.

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