The Latest in Weight Loss Products: Green Coffee

When consuming some of the products to lose weight we must take into account that they must be the complement of an adequate dietary plan, without pretending that they substitute the true nutrients that contribute us the meats, cereals, fruits and Carbohydrates. And green coffee, can be of great help in this way.

For this, reasonĀ  if you decide to accompany your diet routine with some additive to lose weight, it is advisable to choose those from natural sources, considering also the importance of removing from our day to day those harmful habits such as: alcohol consumption, smoking And sedentary coffee slims

How to choose the best product to lose weight

There are many myths and legends that lurk around dietary supplements to lose weight, but if you really do not improve your lifestyle is little that they can contribute.

In the market you will find millions of them, some with better marketing than others, however, the most advisable is to opt for something natural, which additionally adds other benefits to your health, avoiding irreversible side effects. Thousands of case have been registered of people who, due to ingesting supplements with high contents of amphetamines, sibutramine and ephedrine, present severe cardiovascular diseases even to death.

Green coffee, your best choice

One of the most important and popular benefits of green coffee is its virtue to contribute to weight loss, given its high content of chlorogenic acid, a compound capable of reducing the sensation of hunger by quenching the appetite, transforming fats into energy and Increase the lipolytic activity responsible for the regulation of fats.

This fruit additionally works as an antioxidant, thanks to its content in polyphenols, helping to combat aging, reduce the feeling of tiredness and strengthen memory.

Presentation and Recommended dose

Green coffee can be found in the form of capsules known as “green coffee extracts“, liquid or cream, in addition to the natural fruit kernels. They have even brought chewing gums with extracts of this food. Of course we prefer the most natural way to consume it, once that you get used to its taste, you will not seem at all unpleasant, becoming part of your daily routine.

Each presentation of this product for weight loss has a different dosage, although it is recommended that the supplements contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid, and the number of shots usually oscillate between 2 or 3 times a day, in order to appreciate the effects of the same.

Before proceeding to its consumption, as it happens with practically all the foods, we recommend to take a look at to its contraindications and side effects, among the most outstanding are:

  • It accelerates the heart rate, it is not advised to use it in people with heart disease.
  • It is not recommended for use in: young children, pregnant women, people with kidney problems and who follow a low carbohydrate diet, since this product tends to reduce the sugar absorption of carbohydrates.

Obviously, when consuming green coffee, it is necessary to consult the leaflet of each supplement, with the support of a specialist to adapt the specific amounts required by each body.

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